Nursery Facilities

Bright Starts Day Nursery Facilities

With two spacious rooms inside and a large outside area, our facilities allow us to provide care and an excellent learning environment. The nursery consists of The nursery consists of 2 x play rooms, 1 x toilet area, nappy changing facilities, laundry room, office, fully equipped kitchen, staff room and a large garden.

From sensory activities and messy play to communication development and learning, we are able to help your child grow. The nursery has 2 inside areas, one for children aged 0-2 years, the other for children aged 2-5 years.


In the under 2 room we carry out lots of sensory activities and messy play such as shaving foam, pasta, shredded paper, soil, corn flour, pulses and dry cereals. We also promote their exploration of natural products found in most households such as kitchen utensils (nothing sharp), saucepans, pine cones, sponges and shower loofahs. The children can move around the room and explore the different toys and equipment. The children are also encouraged to explore paint, gluing and sticking as well as other creative activities.


In the 2-5 year old room, the area is divided into designated areas where the toys and equipment are kept. Children can choose which toys and activities they wish to play with and practitioners will join their play to support their learning. Our areas are: creative, small world, construction, role play, cosy, graphics, veranda and snack. The children flow around the room accessing activities that they choose. The practitioners will join the children in their play to support their communication and language and role model clearly. Practitioners also support turn taking and problem solving that the children may need help with.


Activities are planned and lead by the practitioners to encourage the children to progress with their individual learning journey. All permanent staff have key children who they observe and assess against the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. This information is shared and agreed with parents and families and we always ask for their input on the child’s development. Some areas of learning cant be seen at the nursery so we really appreciate parental input!

We have low chairs in the room for the children and we encourage them to sit at the table for snack times. At lunchtime they come into the main room and join the older children for their meal. We have a number of high chairs and fabric chair straps to enable them to sit supported and safely. Meal times are very sociable and the children are encouraged to remain at the table until the other children have finished. We promote healthy habits and table manners by sitting with the children at the tables. We can help and support any children with their meals.

We have a fully functional kitchen for preparing snack for the children. Our nursery meals are provided by the school (Ormiston Six Villages Academy) and the meals are transported in a large thermo box to ensure they maintain their temperatures. We aim to provide balanced and nutritious meals for the children with a variety of different meals and snacks. We also have washing facilities for bedding, flannels, soft toys etc.

The nursery has a separate sleep room with 3 cots for those younger children that benefit from a nap. It is mainly used by the children under 2. We monitor each child that goes for a sleep and check on them every 10 minutes to ensure they are ok.

We sometimes have to carry out first aid on the children; therefore all our permanent staff members attend the relevant first aid training every 3 years.


The nursery has a children’s bathroom with 3 low level toilets as well as 3 low level sinks. We encourage the children to access the bathroom when they need to and a practitioner is always nearby to help if needed. The bathroom also has potties for those learning to use the toilet as well as nappy changing facilities. There are picture prompts in the bathroom to remind children to wash their hands once they have used the toilet or potty to promote healthy habits.

We have a cloakroom area where each child has a peg for their coat and bag and we also have baskets underneath their pegs for their shoes/welly boots. We encourage children to bring in suitable clothing for all weathers including rain coats, hats and gloves as well as sun hats. We provide the sun cream unless a child has sensitive skin.


The nursery has a large outside area consisting of a grassy garden and a playground. We operate as ‘free flow’ so the children and staff can flow with the activities they are doing inside and out. We have a large range of equipment in the garden which includes climbing frames, bikes, scooters, playhouses, sand pit, mud digging and sensory garden.

Most of the toys and equipment can be used inside or outside. As a nursery team we continually change and adapt the environment to suit the needs and interests of the children as we follow their individual learning and development to support and enable them to reach their full potential.

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